Bad results put you behind when you start your next race

Bad results place you behind when you start professional/academic race

Once a sprinter was competing with nine other sprinters in a 100-meter race. But when he entered the arena, he saw – while everyone starting from the same mark, he was marked to starting from 20 meters behind others. After asking the referee the reason, referee replied, “Because your previous race result was not as good as others. So you will start behind others.”

It may sound funny, but that is the reality in the real-life race. This is how you get behind of others while seeking for a job or looking for an admission in next level of education. Nevertheless, you can still win the race only if you can run unimaginably faster than others in that short time. You have to do extra hard work as a remedy for your past negligence. However, I see a lot of students with an average result with no significant or economic skill at all. How can you expect someone hiring you? Besides, I have seen that educated people become better CEOs and businessman than others in most cases.

“Motivational Speakers” often say that “result does not matter.” which I find misleading and I strongly disagree with the statement. I think the “result does not matter” notion is correct as long as you have “done your part best.” You have tried to get a good result yet you failed for some reason that is beyond your control.
As a student, I am mediocre. I was never in top 25% in the merit list in my school/college life. Even I failed quite a few times. Although the scenario changed during my university life. So, I know how an “F” student thinks, how a mediocre student’s view differs and how a top student perceives education. Most importantly, I know how to transit between this thought process.
Most of the “F” students see education as an unnecessary burden. On the other hand, toppers realize that education is a system which pushes us through a process of learning. We may have forgotten most of the things. But it is the process which is precious. It is the thought process that put barriers between good student and failed student.
In Conclusion
Run Forrest Run

“Run Forrest Run” Movie: Forrest Gump

If you think the result is everything and employers care about your result, you are wrong. Although result will set you at the advantageous mark on the race, still, you have to run with your full effort to qualify for next stage. The only value of your result to the employer is – you know the art of learning and the benefits it possesses.

On the contrary, if you think result does not matter, then you will end up behind the mark. You may not have the opportunity to win because of your ignorance. Besides, you never entered the “process of learning”.

So, try your best to learn and have a good result. Also, create your skill set by applying your learning through volunteering, part-time job, freelancing, hobbies or any way possible.

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