Bioinformatics is a rising area which combines multiple discipline including Biology, Computer Science, Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry.

I have a keen interest in Biological Science. I had courses in high school in Biology and I did quite well there. But when I had to choose my undergrad major I chose Computer Science as I have more interest in it. We did not have graduation degree on Bioinformatics in our country. To be frank, I did not plan to move to Bioinformatics in my undergrad life as well. My target was to learn as much knowledge as possible in diverse area of Computer Science. When I was exposed to AI, Machine Learning I decided to do MS in this topic. As a consequence, I decided to do major in Intelligent System in my MS. During MS I started to develop interest in Bioinformatics.

Since there were no courses related to Biological Science or Bioinformatics directly, I started to read on my own. I started with Human Cognition and development of AI cognition. TV series Westworld encouraged me in this particular case. Eventually I searched a lot of content on google. Among them there was a list of Cognitive AI projects on Wikipedia. Additionally, it contains other interesting projects in AI. Among the projects OpenCog interested me. It seemed a nice framework designed to develop AI systems.

One day I was reading some articles on attributes which defines and control human psychology. I tried to understand functionality of hormones like Estrogen, Testosterone, Serotonin and so on which are responsible for various activity in our body and mind how various hormones are controlled by our Endocrine System. During that time, I found some competitions on Kaggle which required to solve problem related with various type of Cancer by the help of machine learning and neural network problem. I was not well equipped with the knowledge required to solve those problem. I knew ML and NN algos but I felt that if I know more about those problem, it may allow me to discover more interesting research problem that exists in current world.

Following my curious mind, I started digging about cancer and cancer mutation. I started reading about our primal components like DNA, RNA and proteins. I tried to understand how mutation works and when it fails, how cancer cell affects normal mutation. I will try to write a separate article regarding cancer genomics in future and some interesting aspect that fascinated me including the resources that helped me.

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