This year was tremendous for me. It was a successful year for me. I have also broken down some of my barrier. I’m sharing here some of these here. But at first I want to thank God for giving me such a wonderful year.

Varsity life:

I started my university life on 15th January. I’ve passed a wonderful year there maintaining a good CGPA. Got some new friends there. Yesterday I got my 3rd semester result and it is 4 out of four. So, I’m finishing the year with CGPA 3.87.

Professional life:

Officially I started my professional life in this year on March. My first project was a php project for an e-commerce website. I was hired through oDesk. It was a great experience. Followed by I was hired by an US company as an executive assistant and Drupal developer. Besides this I’m working as an Web developer in a local company. I’ve completed a government project with them. Then I started working with an Italian company as a cakephp developer. I’m still working with them. In the meantime I got some good job offer. But unfortunately I decided not to accept those offers to continue my personal learning.

Foundation life:

Many of you may know that I am a member of Quantum Foundation. Personally I’m not happy with my involvement this year. I should have given a bit more time there. But I’m happy to continue my regular meditation. This year I didn’t miss meditation for a day. Also I’m happy to continue my regular prayer. I got certification in Public Speaking this year from Quantum Foundation.

Misc. Facts of this Year:

  • I bought HP pavilion dv7 Notebook which cost 85,000 Tk. 60% of the money paid by myself and rest of the money from my family.
  • Bought Sony Xperia Ray with my own earning.
  • A year without playing computer game !!!! 😮 How I did this. OMG. I’ve just noticed it.
  • Launched my website officially with domain name http://www.tahsinrahit.com
  • Learned and learning : Android Developing, CakePHP, advanced C++, advanced PHP, advanced JAVA
  • Created a 2D cricket game using C++ all alone. It was a great experience. Enjoyed working on this.
  • And guys guess what… I started blogging this year. 😉

These are the things that come to my mind now about 2012. Wishing a very happy new year to all of you. See you next year. Good bye 2012…

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